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Function Point WORKBENCH™ Tips

Add a Windows Shortcut to Navigate to Your Recent Count Shortcuts

WORKBENCH users can make accessing their Recent Count Shortcuts even easier by creating a Windows shortcut that opens their WORKBENCH Shortcuts folder.  The Windows shortcut can be placed on the desktop, in the Quick Launch toolbar or anywhere else from where you would like to quickly and easily access your Function Point Counts.

Creating a Windows Shortcut that Opens Your WORKBENCH Shortcuts Folder

  1. Decide where you want your Windows shortcut to be located and create the shortcut.

In this example, the Windows Shortcut is to be located in the Quick Launch toolbar included in the Windows Task Bar at the base of the desktop display.  However, you can create the Windows shortcut wherever you wish.

  1. Create a new Windows shortcut and link it to the folder containing your WORKBENCH Shortcuts.

  1. Give your new Windows shortcut a meaningful name.  Here we choose the name "WORKBENCH Shortcuts".

  1. To make finding the Windows shortcut easier you may choose to change its icon to something that stands out.  To change the shortcut icon display its Properties dialog and then choose [Change Icon ...].

  1. The newly created Windows shortcut is now available for selection from within your Quick Launch toolbar - or wherever else you chose to locate it.

Using the Windows Shortcut to View Your WORKBENCH Shortcuts Folder

  1. Simply click on the newly created Windows shortcut and the folder containing all your WORKBENCH Shortcuts is displayed.

  1. Clicking on a WORKBENCH Shortcut will open its associated Function Point Count in the Function Point WORKBENCH™.

For further information on creating WORKBENCH Shortcuts see the Function Point WORKBENCH™ Tip - Get Fast Access to Counts using Recent Count Shortcuts.


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