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Function Point WORKBENCH™ Tips

Get Fast Access to Counts using Recent Count Shortcuts

Creating a Recent Count Shortcut

Creating a Recent Count Shortcut in the WORKBENCH couldn't be easier.

  1. In the WORKBENCH, select menu item "File | Browse for Counts ..." to display the Count List.

  2. Right click on the Count for which you wish to create a shortcut and select context menu item "Create Count Shortcut".

  1. Choose the folder in which to store your shortcut and specify the shortcut's name.  By default, Recent Count Shortcut names begin with the name of the WORKBENCH database folder followed by the names of the Count's System, Project, Phase and Scenario.  Recent Count Shortcuts have the suffix ".FPWSC".

  1. As an alternative to creating a Recent Count Shortcut in a Window's folder, you can also copy the command to open a Count from outside the WORKBENCH to the Windows clipboard for later inclusion in a document, spreadsheet or database.  To do this, in the Count List right click on the Count you wish to be able to open from outside the WORKBENCH and select context menu item "Copy Launch Command to Clipboard".

Opening a Count using a Recent Count Shortcut

Opening a Count using its Recent Count Shortcut is equally straight-forward.

  1. In Windows, open the folder where your Recent Count Shortcuts are stored.

  1. Double click on the short cut for the Count you wish to open.

  1. If its not already running, the WORKBENCH will now start and the Count specified by the shortcut will be automatically opened.  It doesn't matter in which WORKBENCH database the Count is maintained, the WORKBENCH will automatically find that database and open the Count for you.

  1. You can further simplify opening your Counts by including the folder containing your Recent Count Shortcuts as a Windows taskbar icon.  Just click on that icon to display all your Recent Count Short Cuts.


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