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CHARISMATEK Software Metrics Online Training Course

Software Project Estimation Using the Function Point WORKBENCH™

Course Type and Duration

Workshop - 1 half-day session


The Function Point Analysis technique is used to assess the size of a software project, expressed in function points. The assessed project size can then extended to estimates of project effort and cost through the use of appropriate project delivery rates, expressed using metrics such as “Function Points per Month” or “Dollars per Function Point”.

CHARISMATEK Software Metrics’ Function Point WORKBENCH™ is the world’s leading software tool supporting the IFPUG Function Point Analysis for sizing, analysis and reporting of software projects and applications.

The WORKBENCH incorporates a range of mechanisms for extending a project’s function point size into estimates of effort and cost. In addition, a project’s function point size details assessed using the WORKBENCH can be imported into the world’s leading project estimation tools.

This half day workshop provides a complete demonstration of the WORKBENCH’s project estimation functions and facilities.


At the completion of the course, participants will be able to utilise the Function Point WORKBENCH™ to:

Intended Audience

Function point analysts, project managers, estimators and any other IT professionals charged with utilising Function Point Analysis for project estimating and whose organisations use the Function Point WORKBENCH™.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Participants will have an effective knowledge of the IFPUG Function Point Analysis CPM 4.3 Functional Size Measurement Method.

Participants will be familiar with the basic operation of the Function Point WORKBENCH™ for sizing software projects.

Please note that this online training course DOES NOT teach IFPUG Function Point Analysis - that is assumed knowledge.

Delivery Mode

The training course is delivered via the Internet as one half-day online session. The session incorporates:

Participants can also download all of the course materials from the CHARISMATEK website.



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Software Project Estimation
Using the Function Point WORKBENCH™

Session 1


1 half-day session

For participants
1 to 2 from the same organisation

US$225 per participant

Session 2


For each additional
participant from the
same organisation

US$195 per participant



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