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CHARISMATEK runs both public and in-house training courses.  If you are interested in attending any of the training courses mentioned below or if you have any training related queries, contact CHARISMATEK.

Function Point Analysis

Online Training Course - Unleashing the Power of Function Point Analysis Using the Function Point WORKBENCH™

Use the Function Point WORKBENCH™ tool and methodology to maximise the effectiveness of Function Point Analysis within your organisation.

Function Point Analysis Fundamentals - "How To Do It, How To Use It"

Learn how to carry out Function Point Analysis using the Function Point WORKBENCH™ tool and methodology and the current IFPUG 4.3 standard and how to effectively utilise the sizing results to add value throughout the software development process.

Functional Sizing Concepts for Managers

Learn how to interpret functional sizing information for effective and useful management decision making within your organisation.

Functional Sizing: Advanced Techniques

Discover how advanced functional sizing techniques can improve the usefulness of your function point analysis and add further value to the software development process.


Software Project Estimation - Master Class

Learn a range of proven, practical techniques to devise effective estimates of project effort, cost and duration.  Also, learn how to implement an successful estimation program within your organisation.  Suitable for both software suppliers and their customers.

Online Training Course - Software Project Estimating Using the Function Point WORKBENCH™

Use the Function Point WORKBENCH™ tool and methodology to extend your project function point counts to estimates of effort and cost.

Early Life-Cycle Estimation for Software Development Projects

Discover effective techniques for estimating software development effort, productivity, schedule and cost early in the development life-cycle.

"Getting Real About Support Costs" - Forecasting Production Support Resources and Costs

Learn how to effectively forecast the resource requirements and costs of software production support.

SPR KnowledgePLAN™

Generating Project Estimates Using SPR KnowledgePLAN™

Learn how to use the SPR KnowledgePLAN™ tool to generate detailed software project estimates of effort, deliverables, schedule, resource requirements and defect levels.

Managing the SPR KnowledgePLAN™ Estimating Infrastructure

Customise and calibrate the SPR KnowledgePLAN™ tool to fully address the details of your own organisation's software development process.

Metrics and Project Management

Introduction to Functional Sizing for Project Managers

Understand the importance of measurement to the software process.  Learn what is measured, how measurement is performed and how to effectively utilise measurement results.

Using a Functional Model as the Basis for User Requirements

Learn how to represent and communicate software requirements using a functional model.


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