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Function Point Analysis Fundamentals - "How to Do It, How to Use It"

2 or 3 day workshop

Function point analysts need an in-depth knowledge of the Function Point Analysis technique for sizing software. A structured approach with a proven methodology facilitates the process as well as assuring consistency and accuracy. Application of this methodology through the Function Point WORKBENCH™ provides a firm basis for sizing plus the ability to use sizing information in a useful and constructive manner.

At the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Use a proven methodology to carry out Function Point Analysis for software at any point in its life cycle, for:

    • Development Projects

    • Enhancement Projects

    • Applications

  • Use international (International Function Point User Group, Counting Practices Manual 4.3) standards and guidelines during Function Point Analysis.

  • Record, analyse and report on function point counts

  • Understand how Function Point Analysis is used in establishing and controlling scope, estimating projects and measuring productivity.

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