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Scope indicates the limits or boundaries of something.

The control of scope is seen as a key factor in the control of project costs and schedule. A clear and complete understanding of a software project's scope from the project's initiation through to its completion is one key to project success.

Very often, however, when a project is long overdue or has exceeded budget, increase in scope is given as the prime reason and unanticipated cause.

Given that a project will typically include a statement of scope, stating clearly what is "in scope" and "out of scope", why do so many projects run into problems of increase in scope?

CHARISMATEK has investigated this issue over many projects and many years.

The most common reason - in fact, the almost universal reason - is that the items being named as the basis for scope and being tracked throughout the project have no direct correlation with effort, cost or schedule.

CHARISMATEK identifies and tracks a specific type of project deliverable at a level of granularity which has a known, well understood, relationship with effort. These are the features and functions that are to be delivered by the project, described in language easily understood by both the client commissioning the software and the software developer.

These deliverables form a negotiated and agreed statement of scope at project initiation and are monitored throughout the project. Any change can be immediately accessed for likely impact on cost and schedule.

CHARISMATEK also provides a range of value adding services to software developers and purchasers focusing on effective software scope management.


CHARISMATEK's scope services provide software developers and clients with a range of substantial benefits, including:

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CHARISMATEK Software Metrics provides a wide range of quantitative analysis services focussed on adding value to organisations both delivering and purchasing software related products and services.

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