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CHARISMATEK's consultants and software developers combine:

In conjunction with its clients, CHARISMATEK's consultants and software developers work to provide services and products that:


Paul Radford
Managing Director and Principal Consultant

Paul Radford is the co-founder and managing director of CHARISMATEK Software Metrics.  With over 30 years of professional information technology experience, Paul has a firm base for the practical application of metrics techniques.  Very importantly, Paul has extensive industry experience in applying the function point analysis technique, both in sizing software, and in the use of the technique to control and manage software requirements.

As a prominent metrics consultant over many  years, past-president of the Australian Software Metrics Association (ASMA), member of Quantitative Enterprise Software Performance (QESP), frequent presenter at metrics conferences and seminars and publisher of the Function Point WORKBENCH™, Paul understands not only the history and basis of software metrics but also plays a key role in the future directions of this field.


Robyn Lawrie
Director, Principal Consultant and Function Point WORKBENCH™ Product Manager

Robyn Lawrie is a director of CHARISMATEK Software Metrics. She has more than 30 years of IT industry experience in software development across a wide range of applications and technologies.  A major focus of Robyn's career has been on the improvement of the software process in general and, in particular, in the area of requirements management.

Robyn provides consultancy and training services in software measurement, both locally and internationally. She is a requested speaker at a range of educational institutions and industry conferences.

Robyn continues to be the driving force behind the development of the world's leading tool supporting the function point analysis technique for sizing and evaluating software - CHARISMATEK's Function Point WORKBENCH™

Robyn is a member of the executive committee of Quantitative Enterprise Software Performance (QESP).  She was one of two founder members of the Australian Software Metrics Association (ASMA) in Victoria and a member of its executive committee from its inception in 1990 until its merger with the Software Quality Association and evolution into Quantitative Enterprise Software Performance (QESP) in 2004.

Robyn first qualified as an IFPUG Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) in 1998.


David Cleary
Senior Consultant

IFPUG Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS)

David Cleary is a  senior consultant with CHARISMATEK Software Metrics. During his 20 years in the IT industry, he has worked in the areas of software project development, software tool research and development, tertiary education and software measurement.

Within the software measurement field, David has a major interest in the application of functional size measurement to new and evolving technologies and has presented papers on this issue at a range of conferences.

David is the Vice-Chair - Metrics & Measurement of Quantitative Enterprise Software Performance (QESP), an active member of the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) Technical Review Committee, a past president of the Australian Software Metrics Association (ASMA) and -  like everyone at CHARISMATEK - he is actively involved in the ongoing research and development of the Function Point WORKBENCH™.

David has been an IFPUG Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) since 1998.


Office Manager

If you require information about CHARISMATEK's services or products, in particular Function Point WORKBENCH™ sales and licenses, contact CHARISMATEK's office manager.


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