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Function Point WORKBENCH™
for the people who count!

Designed and built by CHARISMATEK, the Function Point WORKBENCH™ is the world's leading software tool supporting the Function Point Analysis technique for sizing and evaluating software.

The Function Point WORKBENCH is specifically designed to be scalable for effective use by individual counters as well as for large scale, distributed IT environments.

The Function Point WORKBENCH provides an ideal counting tool for all situations and for all software sizing needs.


Embedded within the Function Point WORKBENCH is a documented professional counting methodology based on software modelling.

The methodology is applicable throughout the software life cycle.

Graphical Representation

The touchstone for any count recorded in the Function Point WORKBENCH  is a functional model which represents the software system. This model expresses the software graphically and allows the interrelationships between the software components to be recorded and illustrated. By associating the details of a Function Point Analysis with an easy to construct model of the software system, the Function Point WORKBENCH provides vivid and graphic support for the counting process.

Ease of Counting

The Function Point WORKBENCH is designed by people who count. It has been specifically crafted to make building the model and assigning function points as quick and easy as possible. It caters for counts where information or resources are limited, such as early life cycle counts, as well as detailed counts.

IFPUG Certified

The Function Point WORKBENCH™ is certified by IFPUG as function point counting "Software Type 1".

For a more in-depth discussion on the features and capabilities of the Function Point WORKBENCH™ download the online brochure or continue browsing the website.  Purchase or lease the Function Point WORKBENCH™.


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