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Function Point WORKBENCH™ - Publisher

Personalise, Customise, Standardise

The Power of Publisher

The Function Point WORKBENCH™ - Publisher is an XML based tool designed to integrate Function Point WORKBENCH™ count information and other information sources.  Publisher provides a comprehensive basis for reporting of sizing and estimation information in whatever context is most relevant to your business.  Publisher makes it easy to report your count information in any format, in any context or, indeed, in any language.  At present Publisher supports English, German, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.  However, the Publisher lexicon can be easily extended with any language you wish.

Publisher integrates neatly and easily with standard tools, such as Word and Excel.  However, the power of Publisher goes beyond simple manipulation and transference of text reports. Using Publisher, the WORKBENCH's Transactional Hierarchy can be recreated as an active document in a web browser – with all its associated colours, flyovers and summaries.

You determine what information you need and in what format. Publisher provides the power to communicate that information.

What Does This Mean in Practice?

Reports that People Read

Reporting in your own language simply makes life better and easier for everyone. All  standard WORKBENCH reports can be translated into meaningful local information using Publisher – in any language.

Even better, Publisher provides dynamic reporting with drill down information is instantly available in a standard web-browser.

Enhanced Integration

With the power of a XML interface tool, flexible integration possibilities are unlimited. Generating your own custom reports and integrating additional data from multiple sources becomes a simple and practical reality. Simplification and automation of the integration and reporting process provides substantial practical benefits in reduced costs, improved relevance and more effective information.

For contractual reasons, a WORKBENCH client was required to exclude certain rework from the generated sizing/work total reports.  In the past, that had led to continual (expensive) manual extraction and manipulation of the sizing information within a spreadsheet.

Using Publisher, however, the client was able to devise a customised reporting framework that completely eliminated the manual extraction and manipulation process and therefore saved considerable time and money.

Flexible Analysis

Publisher gives you a serious edge when it comes to analysing/understanding the meaning and relevance of sizing/estimating information.  Labels and Notes applied to the WORKBENCH's functional model can form the basis of any relevant tracking or analysis need.  This allows you to use and relate to other definitions and deliverables, and even other sizing metrics.

Become Familiar with Publisher

Have a play with Publisher – it is simple, it is fun and it is truly an effective tool.  And, best of all, Publisher is provided FREE!


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