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Function Point WORKBENCH™ Release 7.0 including Software Measurement, Reporting and Estimating (SMRe)

Request a fully functional evaluation copy of the CHARISMATEK Function Point WORKBENCH™.  This version includes the Software Measurement, Reporting  and Estimating (SMRe) module for automating the reporting of project performance.

The evaluation software is time limited and only supports a single user.  Use of the evaluation software is subject to the terms and conditions of the Function Point WORKBENCH™ Licence Agreement. Please read the licence agreement carefully.

Registration Details

(Fields in red and preceded by a '*' must be completed in order to receive an evaluation copy of the Function Point WORKBENCH™.)

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*Organisation Type:

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Where you have more than one email address, please supply the one relating to a company with a descriptive website.)

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*How did you find out about the Function Point WORKBENCH™?



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What are the current or planned uses of Function Point Analysis within your organisation?



Project Costing

Project Tracking and Control

Scope Management


What experience in the use of Function Point Analysis do you or your organisation have?

I have performed Function Point Analysis.

I have attended a Function Point Analysis training course.

My organisation has performed Function Point Analysis.

How many software delivery professionals in your organisation?

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What is your time frame for the purchase of a software sizing tool?

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What is your role in the purchase decision?

Decision Maker

Evaluate and Recommend

Influence Decision

No Role

I wish to receive information and email about the Function Point WORKBENCH™:



On verification of your registration details, CHARISMATEK will email you download details along with a WORKBENCH Serial Number and Licence Code that will allow you to install and activate the software.

The WORKBENCH Licence Code will be issued with a designated time period during which the evaluation can be conducted. When the time period has expired, you will no longer be able to run the software.

In addition, you will receive download instructions for the Software Measurement, Reporting and Estimating (SMRe) module.

If you have not received a response within 48 hours of your submission, please contact CHARISMATEK directly at

By pressing the above button you signify that you have read the Function Point WORKBENCH™ Licence Agreement and accept its terms and conditions.


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