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Follow the latest Function Function Point WORKBENCH™ Tips & News

CHARISMATEK Software Metric's new RSS feed provides tips and news for Function Point WORKBENCH™ users.  The feed is regularly updated to show you how using the Function Point WORKBENCH™ makes your Function Point Analysis, "Faster, Smarter and Easier" and to provide you with news about WORKBENCH releases and other relevant items.

You can follow the feed via the standard icon found at the top of each page on CHARISMATEK's website - including this one.

Several web browsers, including Internet Explorer 8, come with a built-in readers that  will display the feed's contents whenever you click on the icon. You can also subscribe to the feed from within standard web portals such as Google and Yahoo or by using a specialist reader.

The URL to follow the feed is:

CHARISMATEK is committed to continuing to improve your Function Point Analysis processes.  Our new RSS feed is an excellent and easy way to help you become a Function Point WORKBENCH™ expert.


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