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Created in 1991, and now well established as a significant contributor across the world and as the hub of a international network of Metrics Partners, CHARISMATEK Software Metrics provides the highest level of software metrics and measurement based consulting & training services and products & tools to our clients.

At CHARISMATEK we focus on using software sizing, metrics and quantitative analysis as a pragmatic and objective basis for addressing specific business issues. Real business and IT experience, in conjunction with unparalleled technical expertise, means that CHARISMATEK Software Metrics can provide you with practical and realistic assistance in a range of software and IT areas.

From Project Estimation - to assess the validity of budgets and schedules within a proposed business case or to determine a project’s risk profile - to Scope Management - to clarify and negotiate software deliverables at project initiation and to track and control change throughout delivery - to Value for Money Assessments - to ensure you continue to receive value from your software delivery and support suppliers - to Contract Management - to devise project budgets and undertake software portfolio assessments – and to Function Point Analysis - to determine the size of your software projects and applications - CHARISMATEK Software Metrics has the expertise, experience and business understanding you require.

Function Point WORKBENCH™

CHARISMATEK is the designer and developer of the Function Point WORKBENCH™ software tool.  The WORKBENCH is the world's leading software tool supporting the Function Point Analysis technique for sizing and evaluating software.

The Function Point WORKBENCH™ is specifically designed to be scalable for effective use by individual counters as well as for large scale, distributed IT environments.
The Function Point WORKBENCH™ provides an ideal counting tool for all situations and for all software sizing needs.


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