ESP - Estimate Software Projects

Use ESP to quickly and easily calculate estimates of likely software project delivery rates, effort and cost.

The calculated project delivery rates and their descriptions can also be pasted into the Function Point WORKBENCH™ as Productivity Sinks for use with the Effort and Cost Estimation Reports.

ESP Help
1. Project Identification:
2. Project Classification:
3. Included Project Phases: Planning Requirements Analysis Design Construction and Unit Testing
System and Acceptance Testing User Documentation All Selected Phases - Project Management
4. Project Size: IFPUG Function Points
5. Completed Project Phase when Function Point Analysis was performed: Prior to Requirements Analysis After Requirements Analysis After Design At Production
6. Testing Impact: IFPUG Function Points

Very Positive




Very Negative

7. Reuse Opportunity:              
8. Key Project Drivers: Software Complexity:            
Personnel Skill & Knowledge:            
Process Maturity:            
9. Project Cost Rate: $ / Hr
10. Other Project Costs: $
Project Estimates Best Case Most Likely Case Worst Case
11. Estimated
Project Delivery Rates:
Hrs / FP Hrs / FP Hrs / FP
$ / FP $ / FP $ / FP
12. Estimated Effort: Hrs Hrs Hrs
13. Estimated Cost: $ $ $
14. Output Estimates:

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